3D Printing

Oct 9, 2022

Car Grille Fix

Driving down a very busy highway I drove over an USO (unidentified stationary object) that unfortunately was tall enough to scrape against my front bumper, investigating for damage revealed that half of the bottom grille of my car was surprisingly missing! This was completely unexpected because I barely felt a thing, but oh well - things happen. I could have easily bought an OEM replacement, but decided against it for two reasons: 1) it would set me back around 130 USD, 2) I learned that this is something that could easily happen again. I guess there is a third reason, this would be a great excuse to print something big in my newly acquired Raise3D N2.

Fate would have it that I kept exactly half of the grille so that I could try and make my own. The shape of the part was actually very hard to capture; I did my best to measure and approximate the curves, and had to do several test prints of the part to compare against the actual part. Even with the big print bed of the N2 I had to slice the grille in four sections and print with a lot of support material to get the right curvature. I had to do a lot of sanding and post-processing to clean-up the surfaces that had the support material.

By splitting the sections in an S shape between the hexagonal grills I managed to make the joints as inconspicuous as possible, and to get the mounting points just right for the bumper I made the part removable, so that I could print as many prototypes as needed to make sure the fitting was perfect. This ended up being a great idea because the mounting was a hard thing to get just right. Overall, I think the part came out looking great and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Jan 21, 2021

Hummingbird Feeder

Noticed hummingbirds in my backyard and 3D printed a feeder to encourage their visits.