Design methodology for five-bar parallel robots with two degrees of freedom

Project presented in the CNIES congress (2020).

Published in the January - June 2021 edition of the Científica science journal.


Makech is the result of a Design Sprint Challenge where I took the robot from concept to reality in only six weeks.

Development of a low-cost Dynamic Autonomous Gaited Robot as a platform for torque-controlled robotics. Stay up to date with the development by visiting the YouTube playlist and the blog updates.

Skills applied: Mechanical design, control simulations, power distribution, communication networks, motor control and trajectory planning.

Five Bar Parallel Robot - BIG J

Big J is a five bar parallel robot that was developed during the research of the Design Methodology for five-bar parallel robots with two degrees of freedom project. This robot uses direct drive brushless motors driven with either a Dagor Controller or a Janus Controller.

Skills applied: torque analysis and simulation, finite element analysis, kinematic model calculus, trajectory planning and virtual human-machine interface design.

Control of the Ball and Wheel balance system

LQR controller implemented with computer vision for the detection of the green ball. Open-source development, visit the Github repository.

Swing-up energy-shaping controller + LQR controller. This project is actuated with a brushless motor and makes use of the predecessor the Dagor Brushless Controller. Open-source project, visit the Github repository.

Haptic control - Telepresence demo

Haptic control demo called steer by wire(less); this is done by creating a wireless virtual link between the angular position of two brushless motors driven by a Dagor Controller.

Janus Controller

The Janus Controller is fully open-source brushless motor driver shield for the ESP32 DevKit with an on-board magnetic encoder, a three-phase MOSFET driver, three MOSFET half-bridges, a temperature sensor and current sensing resistors.

This project is the predecessor of the Dagor Controller and will not be developed further. The Github repository  cointains all the revelant information to reproduce this project.