Dagor Brushless Controller

The Dagor Brushless Controller is a fully integrated tiny solution for brushless-based actuators with wired and wireless connectivity, and three operation modes: angular position, velocity and torque. It is an ESP32-based brushless controller that has an on-board magnetic encoder, a three-phase MOSFET driver, three MOSFET half-bridges, a temperature sensor and current sensing resistors.

What makes this controller different?

The Dagor Brushless Controller was designed as a simple platform for hobbyist, students and researchers to power brushless-based projects. This board offers wired and wireless connectivity modes to accommodate a variety of different kinds of projects. The firmware for this board was developed for the Arduino development environment and powered by the SimpleFOC project. This code is merely a starting point as it’s encouraged to modify it to fit specific projects. The firmware being very easy to modify and understand gives some key advantages:

  • great platform for single board projects

  • custom communication schemes for multi-board projects

  • implementation of unique control laws

  • endless amount of compatible libraries

Alpha release

Be part of the Alpha Testing Team! Very limited amount of boards from the Alpha release soon available at simplefoc.com.

Documentation website

Visit the documentation website to learn in depth how the controller works, the firmware and hardware, design choices, getting started instructions and example projects.